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Best American Curriculum Nurseries in Qatar | Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide

Are you keen to enrol your child in american curriculum nurseries in Qatar? You’re certainly not alone. Many fathers & mothers are looking to enrol their kids also in american curriculum nurseries in Qatar. The US curriculum is the third most widely-used in international schools, after the English version and the International Baccalaureate. According to the International School Consultancy, as of 2016/17 there are 1,787 international schools offering the US curriculum, with concentrations in Japan, China, South Korea, UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as Central and South America. A significant minority of these are sponsored by the State Department: 193 schools across 134 countries, educating a total of 137,000 students, according to the Office of Overseas Schools. These range from a 25-student school in Sierra Leone to almost 4,000 students at a school in Singapore. Around a quarter of students in these schools are US citizens, another quarter are from the host country and just under half are from a third country. Unlike England, the US does not have a national curriculum, with states, or even districts, free to set their own ed...      

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