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Are you keen to enrol your child in arabic curriculum nurseries in Qatar? You’re certainly not alone. Research has shown that the earlier a child learns a language the easier it is for them to grasp it, with all children having the innate capacity to master at least four languages before the age of seven. Beginning at the toddler stage we are intent upon blending the Arabic language into the children’s everyday learning experience. Keeping to our ethos of being child centric, we aim to teach Arabic through the introduction of songs, the learning of numbers, colours and shapes as well as having members of staff using use both Arabic and English to give simple instructions to our children. We believe as Arabic speaking nursery in introducing the Arabic language through play will significantly enrich our children’s intellectual and spiritual faculties and instill in them a profound love for this noble and other-worldy language. Arabic is a compulsory component of your child’s future within Nurseries in Qatar. As we are preparing your child for school, we have a dedicated Arabic teacher who supports the teddy 3 and teddy 4...      

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