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Best French Curriculum Nurseries in Qatar | Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide

Are you keen to enrol your child in french curriculum nurseries in Qatar? You’re certainly not alone. The french curriculum nurseries in Qatar is highly centralized and organized, with many subdivisions. It is divided into the three stages of enseignement primaire (primary education), enseignement secondaire (secondary education), and enseignement supérieur (higher education). In French higher education, the following degrees are recognized by the Bologna Process (EU recognition): Licence and Licence Professionnelle (bachelor's degrees), and the comparably named Master and Doctorat degrees. Schooling in France is not mandatory. Most parents start sending their children to preschool (maternelle) when they turn 3. Some even start earlier at age 2 in toute petite section "TPS". The first two years of preschool (TPS and petite section "PS") are introductions to community living; children learn how to become students and are introduced to their first notions of arithmetic, begin to recognize scripture, develop oral language, etc. The last two years of preschool, moyenne section and grande section, are more school-like; pupils are ...      

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