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Are you keen to enrol your child in special needs centers in Qatar? You’re certainly not alone, many fathers & mothers looking for special needs centers in Qatar. Special Needs Centers in Qatar provides comprehensive services and care to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, their families, and the community. Special Needs Centers in Qatar nurture the acquisition and application of unique skills and talents through the commitment of a dedicated team of professionals. Special Needs Centers in Qatar taking care about  early childhood cases which is designed for children aged three to six years, including a center-based preschool / kindergarten. Special Needs Centers in Qatar not only emphasizes educational and therapeutic services according to the individual strengths and areas of need for each child; it also offers a wide array of social play situations and activities of daily living. Upon reaching the age of six years old, the students are transferred to other units or other school programs, according to the type and severity of their disabilities.Also Special Needs Centers in Qatar have auti...      

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