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The path to a brighter future starts here at Fun Yards Nursery. With a mission to nurture, shape and develop young minds, we provide high quality nursery education. We are dedicated to the Montessori philosophy of children learning at their own pace. Whilst incorporating the early learning goals programme, with caring, passion and qualified staff. Give your child a great inception to school life

  • New Nursery in Al Kheesa. American management
  • Montessori EYFS – English, Arabic and French, fully trained and professional staff,
  • fully secured building trough cctv camera,  We welcome babies from 2 month to 4 years old, we open 6:00 am to 3:00 pm extended hours are available
  • monthly outline of child’s progress, huge indoor & outdoor play area.

Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide “QNKG” is a niche publication published annually and supported by Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs in Qatar and Ministry of Education authority in State of Qatar focusing on Qatar's education options and Facilities. Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide has been devised and designed by education advisors and early years specialists. Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide aims to give parents as much information as possible about nurseries in abu dhalouf & nurseries in Qatar, as well as explaining a few things along the way. Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide team are fully understand the stress and confusion for parents when either choosing nurseries in abu dhalouf or nurseries in Qatar for the first time or when making the difficult decision to move your child from one nursery to another. Qatar Nurseries & Kindergartens Guide is a resource for new families which aims to make the difficult process of choosing a day care centre or nursery for their child a little bit easier!. We hope you find this guide useful and that it helps with one of the most important decisions you will ever make … choosing the best nurseries in abu dhalouf or best nurseries in Qatar  for your child. QNKG makes easily searchable the hundreds of institutions across Qatar and has important up-to-date information about each one, from the contact information of the nurseries & kindergartens themselves to their opening times, age range, registration fees and the nursery they feed into. Qatar Nursery Guide gives you all this information at your fingertips and more if you choose to register (for free). QNKG concentrates exclusively on Qatar's Education industry, bringing together service providers and suppliers. The Guide feature lists of all government and private organizations based in Qatar and having to do with education industry. Entries will be sorted by geographical location and by administrative sector. All entries listed alphabetically to make things easier for users to browse for details whether they are Phone numbers, Fax numbers, Websites, E-mails, or Postal codes. Announcements and adverts inserted in slots of different sizes and features to be selected by the customer in both printed directory & digital format. Content nicely laid-out and printed on high quality paper in high resolution for clarity. A print run of over 40,000 copies in both Arabic and English is envisaged distributed in Qatar. All data base of the nursery guide published online here in this website and allow users to search for organizations and service providers according to certain criteria. Qatar Nursery Guide benefits from a wide distribution in Qatar. It is available in ministries, Government Companies. It is also available at local and federal departments as well as embassies. In a word, it can be in the hands of everybody, and anywhere you can think of. here are very important tips you have to take care about it when you are going to choose nursery or kindergarten in qatar for the first time. First: Talk to other parents – you may attend a baby group so talk to the other parents about nurseries. Some parents may have older children or other relatives using nurseries.  These conversations are a great starting point but bear in mind that not everyone is looking for the same thing. Secound : Can you drop into the setting or do they insist that you always make an appointment? Do they have an open-door policy where you can pop in at anytime?. Third : Does the manager give you confidence in her ability to look after your child?  How much experience does the manager have in childcare and managing a nursery?. Fourth : Is the nursery flexible to your needs? Some nurseries are large chains dictated to by corporate decisions and policies, others are smaller chains run by families and others are single settings –  which suits your needs more? Fifth : How does the nursery manage settling a new child? Some nurseries offer limited settling visits before charging you, others offer unlimited settling visits to ensure children and parents are ready (both emotionally and physicall)y. Six: Ask to see their policies.  Any nursery should have clearly defined policies and procedures for everything from opening times to emergency situations. Check these for reassurance that your child will be safe there. Look for illness policies, as some nurseries require children to have extensive times away from nursery following illness.  All nurseries should be following guidance from infection control which sets out how long children need to be excluded for each illness. Eigth: Can the nursery accommodate your requirements for days, sessions, all year care? Do they offer flexibility? If you are new in Qatar & searching for a nursery for your kid, you will realized that there is no easy way for new parents to find information about nurseries and day care in Qatar. If you haven’t lived in Qatar all your life and don’t have friends who have already had children, it’s very difficult to learn about nurseries and Kindergartens and make an informed decision about which one to choose. Qatar Nursery Guide was created to solve this problem. It is designed by professional team wanting as much information as possible about early year’s education and day care options in Qatar, all at the click of a few mouse buttons. Nursery Guide  is  here to embellish that information, to help new families find some wonderful things to do with their children as well as suggest beautiful boutiques for books, toys, clothes and anything else your little ones might need. We hope that Qatar Nursery Guide is a useful resource for Qatar parents expecting or welcoming little ones into the world. 

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Fun Yards Nursery


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