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Little Academy Nursery


About Us

Little Academy Nursery, we teach and instill the value of education and independence in all of our young learners. Year after year, we have worked in line with the highest international standards of Early Childhood Education and Safety to make a positive and long-lasting impact on our students. Due to our continued success and dedication, Little Academy Nursery has been rated one of the top 5 nurseries by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Doha, Qatar.
We understand that choosing the right nursery is a big step for both you and your child. We invite you to visit Little Academy to show you what our nursery is really about. We urge all parents and prospective students to give us a call and book a tour of our unique buildings and facilities. The tour will allow you to meet both our management teams as well as our dedicating teaching staff. By registering your child for “Discovery Day”, both parents and children will have the opportunity to visit the nursery and participate in fun and engaging activities. “Discovery Day” has been a continued success in allowing both parents and students to get acclimated with our nursery before enrollment. Simply fill in our Sign Up for Discovery Day form below to choose day and time that is convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!


We at Little Academy Nursery accept admissions from all races, religions and cultures. Availability will be given on first come, first serve basis. Should there be no availability for your child, he/she will be placed on a waiting list. When a space becomes available, it will then be offered to the first person on the list.

You can download and fill out the application form below and submit it online. We look forward to meeting you and your child. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us to book your tour.

For existing students, please click the tab below to re-enroll your child.

Why Us?

Our Environment: Learn About Our Features

We understand that choosing the best educational setting for your child is a difficult task and would like to make this process easier for you by outlining our outstanding features below.

We are proud to offer:

A full and valid license from the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Fully certified by the Civil Defense complete with a sophisticated alarm system that is connected directly to the civil defense.
Fully qualified and experienced nursery teachers all of which are certified in pediatric First Aid and CPR.
Full time Nurse with a valid license from Qatar Supreme Health Council.
Fully qualified and experienced Nutritionist to work alongside parents on healthy eating habits and to keep a record of children’s physical health and growth.
Option of enrolling in an English or French section.
Optional second language lessons for French and Arabic included in our daily program
Playball, P.E, Music, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates classes to instill health and physical awareness at a young age.
Detailed assessments carried out twice a year- a great tool to use when applying for a school.
Fun-filled birthday celebrations to create awareness and understanding of the passing of time at a young age.
Bright, spacious, custom designed classrooms, each equipped with child size bathrooms.
High quality, durable Community Playthings indoor and outdoor furniture and age related learning resources in each classroom.
Buildings and infrastructure that are customized to the highest possible safety measures with each classroom equipped with an exit to immediately access an outdoor area.
Air purifying machines in each classroom to eliminate any dust and allergens in the air, ensuring the health of our students by strengthening their immune systems.
CCTV system integrating cameras in every classroom and all-outdoor play areas, connected to live feed built in monitors at reception and manager’s office.
We are a “green” nursery, thus we implement recycling bins onsite, policies in place to reduce waste, recycled materials integrated into our art and craft activities, and garden areas for children to enjoy the opportunity of planting.
Summer Camp

With the hot summer days drawing closer your children might be spending their afternoons inside more than out. Fear not, we at Little Academy Nursery have tons of fun filled summer activities guaranteed to beat the heat! Running summer camps since 2006 we are experts at bringing outdoor fun indoors.

Our fun filled program includes wild wet water play, creative cooking lessons, little artist, mad science, sports activities, themed games and music, movement and dance. Children aged 6 months to 4 can take part in a hands on American Enrichment program that will provide the chance for them to be a ranger, explorer, artist, fisherman and so much more. From playing in our indoor soft play area to our dance and music rooms, children’s kitchen and indoor dramatic play area or even in our gym room full of age appropriate gym equipment, we are bound to keep your children entertained. In addition, our summer camp this year will incorporate the Official first Kindermusik USA Program in Qatar!


Ensuring Communication

At Little Academy Nursery, we aim to work in close partnership with our parents. We understand that partnership between the nursery team and parents makes each child’s time in the nursery more rewarding, especially when learning new skills such as potty training.

Parental Support and Communication

We know how important it is for parents to communicate with our professional teaching staff, and to feel comfortable sharing information with them. At Little Academy Nursery, communication between the nursery and the parent is paramount. Therefore, we have implemented the following to make the paths of communication stronger:

Our nursery door is always open. Call to check on your child anytime or pop in to see how they are doing on our CCTV monitors in reception.
Back to school night and an orientation night.
Each parent is invited to a monthly parent-teacher conferences to discuss their child’s progress and share stories about their time in the nursery.
Parent seminars to help our parents address and engage any parenting concerns.
Each child is given a communication journal. We invite parents to write to their child’s teacher and to check it every day for a detailed report of their child’s day.
Each teacher has her own nursery email account. Each parent is more than welcome to get in touch with them for details of events or theme days coming up.
Our administrative staff regularly emails parents with the latest nursery news.
We also have a Facebook page with news, events and pictures for you to enjoy.
Each parent will receive an end of year portfolio that reflects their child’s memories and performance throughout the year.
Daily Schedule

The Experience

Each day is carefully planned to support your child’s learning.Our well-designed and highly organized classrooms are set up to accommodate a range of activities and play that support children’s growth in all areas of development.
Drop off and Breakfast

Morning time sees the rush of all our excited students coming in. Our expert team is here to help your child settle in, so please inform us with details or updates if your child’s routine has been disrupted or if they are not feeling their usual selves. During this time, our Sunrise children get a chance to explore in our spacious covered outdoor play areas, or develop their movement and coordination in our indoor soft play areas. Then, we settle in for breakfast at 8 a.m.
Our Mornings

Our morning sessions are jam-packed full of fun and engaging activities. Our lessons encourage children to explore, discover, grow, and learn. We offer a range of activities from circle time which builds children’s self-confidence, verbal and social skills, to stimulating art and craft activities that push students to be creative and innovative thinkers. We bring science to life with our hands-on experiments and cooking lessons. Each child develops their coordination, control and movement skills in our active Physical Education lessons. They also express their creativity through music. No matter what day, our mornings are guaranteed to be a hit with your child.
Lunch Time

After a busy morning, we stop for a well-deserved lunch. We place importance not only on teaching children to eat independently, but also to help develop their eating etiquette. We encourage parents to send in a range of healthy meals for their child to enjoy. Our onsite nutritionist will be available to provide advice to parents on healthy eating, recipes, and most importantly how to make healthy food fun. Please note Little Academy operates a no nut, egg or fish policy.
Nap/ Rest Time

During rest time, we give children the chance to recharge for the afternoon in our cozy sleeping rooms. Each age group has their own designated rest time. Our younger children may have a number of short naps depending on their needs, whereas our older classes have one rest time after lunch. We work alongside each parent to establish a sleeping routine that suits both your child and you.
Our Afternoons

Our afternoons consist of a fun range of activities your child is sure to enjoy. Our magical story time brings books to life as the children are engaged in wild imaginations in our comfy library that is filled with cushions and pillows. Our movement and music activities led by our specialized music instructor build on creativity, imagination and improve balance, coordination and rhythm. Our manipulative activities not only help children develop fine motor skills in their hands, fingers and arms, but also teach them about size, shape, patterns and sequences. A customized playroom for Playball, Ballet, Zumba and Pilate’s classes provided by fully qualified instructors ensure enjoyable movement and physical education throughout the day.
Snack Time

We refuel again at 1:30pm, where children enjoy a healthy snack with their classmates.
Home Time

Our fantastic team is always available at the end of the day to give you updates about your child’s day. A detailed daily report will be filled out by your child’s teacher and placed in your child’s journal ready for you to take home.





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Little Academy Nursery


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