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About Us

Little Kingdom Nursery Developing the educational system is one of the most important issues for the nation because of its great role in the progress of the Qatari community who is able to deal with the age trends, and its fast changes and developments. The nursery school stage is a very important stage through bringing up the future generation and it is also a deep preparation and progress of continuous experience from knowledge and tangible scientific skills that benefit the mental, physical and health development of the child through practicing free activities without the complexity of hard subjects. Also, the general aim of the nursery school is the integrated comprehensive development of the child (physical, social, movement, mental and psychological) and preparing him to join the nursery school then the school.

There are other aims, such as sensory, kinetic, social, emotional, mental aims and linguistic aims. For the Little Kingdom Nursery, to achieve its aforementioned aims effectively, the project of applying the educational quality standards should be applied, according to the new developments in the educational field such as the multi intelligence theories, which are considered the recent discovery of the educational modern science for building the child in the nursery school and pre-school stage. Finally, the role of the family as an effective partner in supporting the efforts for bringing up the future generation and the continuous human development for teachers should be stressed.

Our Vision

We seek to care for our children physically, psychologically, emotionally and scientifically, to provide them with safety and the balanced fair development.

Our Mission

  • Planting the educational values at children.
  • Providing suitable, safe and motivating environment in the nursery.
  • Providing target and suitable games for this stage and providing the required fixtures to the nursery.
  • Choosing and activating learning strategies which are suitable for the mental and time age of the children.
  • Discovering talents at children and developing them.
  • Qualifying and developing nursery staff professionally to achieve the continuous improvement and suitable care.
  • Communication with parents and using modern communication tools.

Our Services

Looking after children socially, educationally, psychologically and physically.
Developing their talents and abilities and preparing them for learning according to the community aims and its religious, educational and social values.
Strengthening the relation and social awareness between the nursery and children families.
Reinforcing and controlling the natural physical development of children.
The nursery welcomes different nationalities and religions, which helps the child to develop social skills in multi- culture society.


  • Our admission follow up process
  • Our Admissions team will follow up with families to ensure that all application requirements are met. Upon completion, the student’s file will be reviewed by the Principal who is responsible for the final admission decision. To meet with an Admissions team member for an information session and/or a tour, please contact our office to schedule a time.

Our Strategy 

  • Work plan for activities which can be practiced by children not to feel bored and to attract them to the nursery and the teacher as follows:
  • The nursery (the second house for the child) ensures a safe and nice environment as the home environment; it also prepares children to the study according to his mental and time age. It encourages them to accept the idea of school in the next stage through applying educational and entertaining programs which were selected carefully for children to participate in activities according to their ages and understanding level. So, all activities and events which are provided to the child are included in the early education activities and programs and learning through playing, by a trained team of experts on the way of treating children and enhancing their understanding through the following programs and activities:
  • Enhancing the cognitive memory of children, in addition to linguistic skills through new knowledge that consider the culture and the origin of each of them by a balanced way in both Arabic and English such as: (reading international stories in the office room then narrating them to children in a loud voice as the loud reading is the best time for children to enjoy especially when the story is interesting. The teacher changes her voice and the children voices according to the characters of the story and she should choose a targeting story to provide children with a benefit through using some directive paper pictures and animation CD.
  • Children participate in some educational and entertaining activities such as: (targeting plays, puppet show: (bringing a number of puppets with varied shapes and colors, then the teacher acts a story with puppets with using children in acting), imitation of characters and identifying voices through using some audio tapes and narrating stories, disguise clothes, watching educational videos, watching TV, etc.)
  • Children sing and repeat funny and entertaining songs for children. Singing is very attractive to children especially with a simple dance with each song.
  • Numbering and matching: the child participates in counting shapes and matching similar dots and other ideas by using many directive educational aids.
  • Child participates in picture construction until the board is completed, he also collect cubes until the correct shape appears and other intelligence games.
  • Child participates at the art class in: (color festival to identify the indication of each color from the surrounding environment, drawing and painting, face drawing, making different shapes by using colors, mud and paste)
  • Teaching with jelly (jelly cola): the teacher brings some jelly sorts and puts them in a clear jar, then child guesses the number of jelly parts in the jar and then count them, he also separates the colors of jelly according to the color to learn colors and distinguishing between colors and numbers.
  • Playing with water and dust as he feels happy when plays with water or dust because he plays in the matter of his creation, as Allah creates the man from mud that means (water and dust), so the child enjoys playing with them, and we as adults also enjoy walking on dust and swimming in water to remember our origin. So, if a child is noisy and moves so much, try to leave him in water of dust and observe the result. Playing with dust develops imagination, creating shapes, increasing movement, decreasing stress, and increasing his manual skills, and other benefits
  • Child identifies surrounding thing in the environment and matches all issues and projects that depend on child interests such as: (environment, animals, transport, jobs, etc) then matches them with national and international events.
  • Children identify weather and the four seasons by a nice way through drawing clouds, the sun, rain, leaves, and fog by colored paper then paste it on the window and explaining the characteristics of each season through using some illustrations.
  • Child participates in sport activities such as: (competitions, individual games, group games, sponge and rubber games, using some entertaining and targeting games for children, dance movements, kinetic games as the teacher does some funny and simple sport exercises with children in open air to attain power and motivation for the rest of the day) also, acquiring mental and physical skills in class and in the inner air- conditions hall and at suitable times in the open air at the covered outer hall.
  • Doing many activities that confirm the religious belonging of the new generation of Muslim children, and reviving the concept of religious events, so the nursery celebrates all religious events such as ( the prophet birthday, the prophet immigration, Fettr day, pilgrimage , Addha feast, etc).
  • Doing many activities that confirm the nationalism of children, and reviving the national events concept and folklore, so the nursery celebrates the national day and all national events, and it revives the folklore of the nation.
  • Child identifies some traditions and customs with their related national clothes, food and Arabic and Qatari woman adornment, henna, incense and hospitality with dates and coffee.
  • Doing many activities that ensure the friendship between children through their participation in their birthdays.
  • Child identifies correct healthy practices with the help of the official such as: (healthy and unhealthy food/ workshops (washing hands, teeth brushing, personal cleaning, place cleaning and tidying, how to hold food, and other matters of simple cleaning).
  • Child training on making some easy food (at cooking time) with the help of the official such as: (making pasta, sandwiches, juices, fruit, vegetables and yogurt salad, mashed potatoes, etc).


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