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Oscar Academy, One of our goals at Oscar Academy is to serve and nurture all our students. This aim begins with our Kindergarten class which started since February 2010, with Ms. Nihad Abo Hilal, the General and Finance Supervisor for the Academy which has a long and effective experience in the teaching field. It is an honor, a privilege and our collective passion to educate and raise young ladies and gentlemen, who will become our hope for the future, and ultimately, adults that will create our new world. The collective community at Oscar Academy exposes our students to innovative and global curriculum – a curriculum that is imbued with the tone, values and ethos of our village and our community. Honor, integrity, personal endeavor and accountability, a strong and determined work ethics and the encouragement to achieve one’s personal best are all intrinsically interwoven within the core curriculum and every activity at Oscar Academy.

As Oscar Academy is doing progress and expand more school branches around the world, we’ll ultimately create a difference on our student’s lifelong learning and their personality will shine through. Add to this our beautiful village-like surrounding, modern state of the art facilities, supportive and committed teachers and staff, parents and pupils and a Council exemplifying visionary leadership and progressive forward thinking. Here, our main goal is “Transforming Information to Knowledge. . . Knowledge to Wisdom.” And together our community is going to raise amazing children!


Our first mission designs to create a modern education system and in line with the global modern requirements while maintaining the personal and national identity within educational frameworks derived from our religion and from our values thoroughbreds under the umbrella of a qualified cadre seeks to build a learning community has a bright future in renaissance of this count


Our academy seeks to foster generation with learning outcomes and distinct personal creative proud of his homeland and the Arab nation and creed Islamic and open to other cultures and respectful of others views and user effective modern technology positively thereby helping to contribute to the progress of the society and achievement of education of a new era


Oscar Academic year is divided in to 2 semesters. First Semester: Starting from September till February Second Semester: Starting from March to June (Holidays and dates of evaluation are subject to change)

Our books are one of a kind that was designed to address the need for a different kind of education that is essential for a good future. Given the statistics about unemployment rates in the MENA region, we must educate our children about business and economy and help produce well needed entrepreneurs who will claim responsibility for a flourishing world-wide economy to provide a better future for humanity

Abacus Evolve Framework Edition is the flexible mathematics programme for creative teaching that has practical planning and support for the real classroom at its heart.

Macmillan Science is a six-level Primary Science course designed to meet the needs of international learners. The course bridges the gap between mainstream curriculum learning and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or English-medium learning. Each level promotes a modern, pupil-centered approach to science learning with clearly structured lessons and carefully graded activities.

Macmillan English is a six-level Primary English course which meets the needs of today’s children. It recognizes that proficiency in English is an essential part of modern life, and that early exposure to rich and genuine language allows young learners to move confidently towards native speaker fluency in both oral and written English. Macmillan English 3 is for children who are becoming confident oral communicators and more accurate readers and writers.

For a Better World grows and develops all the way through the six levels of the series. The lower levels of the series build the basic knowledge of the material which progresses smoothly throughout the upper levels. This provides the students with a solid foundation, which enables them to comprehend the different elements of social studies.

Computer Science:  Information Technology for Classes 1-8 seriesintroduces primary and middle school students to the world of data processing and communication through computers. The new NCERT guidelines and the syllabus of all the other boards have been carefully considered while preparing this series.


Admission is open to children of all communities in the state of Qatar on the basis of merit and subject to availability of seats. Following Documents have to be brought at the time of admission:

  • Personal Photos
  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Copy of the vaccination card (Preschool)
  • Copy of the vaccination card (Preschool)
  • (primary (file Medical)
  • ID Cards of Parents
  • Report from the primary or previous school

Age Limit

  • KG 1 – Minimum Age 3 Years and Maximum Age 4 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • KG 2 – Minimum Age 4 Years and Maximum Age 5 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • Grade 1 – Minimum Age 5 Years and Maximum Age 6 years 11 Months & 29 Days Grade
  • 2 – Minimum Age 6 Years and Maximum Age 7 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • Grade 3 – Minimum Age 7 Years and Maximum Age 8 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • Grade 4 – Minimum Age 8 Years and Maximum Age 9 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • Grade 5 – Minimum Age 9 Years and Maximum Age 10 years 11 Months & 29 Days
  • Grade 6 – Minimum Age 10 Years and Maximum Age 11 years 11 Months & 29 Days

Why would you opt for a Oscar English Kindergarten for your little one, when there are so many schools around Doha to choose from? The most important reason: your child will be happier in a school run on Oscar Kindergarten principles. And happiness in children is the one sure indicator that all their developmental needs are being met! Mrs. Aseel Sameer Allouh had developed her system of education in accordance with the natural principles of child development. This ensures that, your children get what they need, as much as they need and at the time they need it, in all the spheres – physical, emotional, intellectual and social.

More Reasons?

  • Advanced levels of learning achievement in language and mathematical concepts
  • Your child develops a healthy and happy attitude towards school and learning; zero-fuss mornings!
  • Individualized lessons; Low teacher-student ratio
  • Music, dance, art, craft, theater, outings, overnight camps, activities with parental involvement….all integrated parts of the curriculum
  • A priceless investment in your child’s personality and future…..


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  • School Playground Posted 2 years ago Our playground is not only for playing. Here we impose good manners for children regarding fair play and their social sk …
  • Computer Laboratory Posted 2 years ago Nowadays, technology is one of the necessities of human. By introducing students from the basic technologies our society …
  • Science Laboratory Posted 2 years ago Science Laboratory is one of our facilities that provide controlled conditions in which scientific or technological r …
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  • Library Posted 2 years ago A place in our facility where students can find other references, materials, musical, or even educational videos that is …
  • Art Room Posted 2 years ago Where in students can flaunt and enhance their own artistic side.
  • Nurse room / Clinic Posted 2 years ago A school’s medical place in which patients are examined and treated regarding their healths.
  • Waiting Room Posted 2 years ago where people sit or stand until the event which they are waiting for happens and begins.

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Oscar Academy


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